Finding Serenity in chaos ...

Posted by Sugar Cyanide on October 31, 2011 at 1:40 AM

I just got in a couple of hours ago from Serenity Pass. It was a lovely experience shared with some of the most lovely people. The story I am about to share with you may seem like a bad one filled with pit falls, actual falls, and chaos. The beauty of this story and why it is a good one is despite all the obstacles, set backs not only did we endure but we did so happily. None of it ruined the pleasant happy mood, none of it ruined the experience. Despite everything it was a wonderful trip. We banned together, took care of each other because we are a tribe. We are Pack!

Around 12pm, Loki came by my house to pick me up. I was running late since I had gotten in late from Subversion the night before. I was still getting dressed while Loki was loading up the car with my stuff I went thru a couple of double checks to make sure I had everything Kissed Rocky and we were off. The first snafu was communication we had six cars and close to twenty people. After about an hour and half of running around and a thousand phone calls. We are all finally gathered in one place. When one of our cars won’t start, dead battery and it won’t take a charge. So Loki and Fyebyrd take off to the nearest auto parts store and purchase a new car battery. While Lucian performs car surgery in the parking lot. Mean while I am in a cold induced daze in the back seat cough and hacking. The men drop in the battery and we are off. I think just by being around these people I will be a better person. ;) The first group calls us just as we are taking off .... They are already there and needed the address for Serenity Pass, more frantic phone calls and smart phone usage we get the first group situated and we roll in a few hours later. An hour late and we still need to set up camp... Without any to do we roll in the men hop out and set up camp while the ladies unpack the cars and start getting into costume for the parade. Tents are up, beds will have to wait till later... After more cat wrangling and everyone scattering like roaches with the light on. We reach parade grand central and my favorite part of performing the hurry up and wait. The float in front of us was like a sixties hippie float with a full band playing popular cover songs. Every one was jittterying and the temps were dropping fast. We were nervous about lighting up early and running out of fuel we still had a second show to do after the parade. Finally the line in front of us is moving and it was the last chance to use the bathroom so Scarlett Storm and I walking towards the fast-food restaurant we hope will have clean potties discussing how we will not use the Outhouses along the road in Our Gypsy Garb = Layers of skits and pants. Apparently walking and talking are high-functioning mechanics for me because I hit a curb and go DOWN ( Like a high-school Prom Queen). So 10 mins before we start walking a 1 1/2 miles in a 2 hour parade I can no longer stand on my right foot. YEP So instead of spinning fire in my Spiffy Gypsy outfit in front of thousands of people. I am fighting back tears and doing the 1-2-3 breath for pain control. I am asked if I would be up to driving the truck since I can obviously not walk anymore. I jump at the chance to be able to do something to take my mind off the pain and still be able to contribute to the group. I don’t remember much of the parade except seeing Harper’s Cheshire grin in the rear-view mirror. The battery failure was an on going issue. The battery powered air pump would not hold enough juice to air up the mattress so we all made blanket pallets on the ground and huddle up with each other. Upon leaving another car needed to be jumped. Despite everything we all banned together and helped each other out. We all kept our spirits up and had a wonderful trip. I sit here laying in bed with my foot propped up and I tell you IT WAS A GREAT WEEKEND!

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