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Posted by Sugar Cyanide on April 11, 2011 at 7:05 PM

I had a very busy weekend of performances and photo shoots. It is now the Monday after, with the unglamorous side of doing laundry and cleaning house from the chaotic weekend before. One of the many chores is cleaning my makeup brushes. When doing stage make-up one is doing a heavier application and more dramatic looks which means the brushes can become caked in the make-up requiring a deeper cleaning.


While doing this task it occurred to me that many people do not think to clean their brushes and may not even know where to begin.  Cleaning your brushes not only extends the life of your make-up and brushes, but kills bacteria that can build in them thus preventing allergic and sensitive skin reactions. This deep level of cleaning I only recommend about every 90 days for the average make-up user. However if you like full glam make up on a regular basis I would suggest doing it more often.


1. Put a dime size amount of gentle shampoo into a cup or glass. I prefer baby shampoo but any will do the trick.


2. Dilute shampoo with 3 to 4 cups of room temperature of water.


3. Swish brush around in diluted shampoo.


4. Rinse


5. Let air dry with edge of brush hanging over a counter so not to flatten brushes.


6. Repeat with all brushes


*brushes can take up to 24hrs to dry*


*Do NOT SOAK brushes the handles may become unglued.*

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