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Posted by Sugar Cyanide on February 8, 2013 at 2:00 PM



I am going to start doing the daily life diaries again but I am making no promises for how long I will keep it up. Simply because I will never keep then if I do. However, I have several writing projects with due dates coming up and by writing out my daily life it helps grease the words for my Muse and helps me stay better organized as well. This year is for focusing on my craft and resale business and my writing. I do sorely miss performing but I feel drawn in other directions at the moment. My modeling is taking off more so now than ever and the vending business House Of Cyanide Curios is doing well. It is pleasurable interesting work. It feeds my addiction of shopping and making things while helping to  keep a roof over my head. While I miss the stage I believe it is dancing in general that I yearn for. If possible I will try to find a class I can take that may scratch my itch as it were. Part of my problem is I have massive  lIfe A.D.D. at the moment. I don’t want to commit to anything. I want to come in enjoy a class and if next week a gig or an opportunity opens up I want to be able to take it and not be committed to a rehearsal. I am also itching for the open road. I want to travel so bad I don’t care if I have to sleep on floors and live out of gas stations. That actually sounds like heaven to me right now *smiles* I want to be free and light. I am slowly selling thru my material possessions as I no longer want to be bogged down by them. The Gypsy Life is calling and I will answer it’s call. I am releasing so much stuff material and immaterial. My soul just wants to soar and it can only do that if it has nothing weighing it down.  I am leaving myself open to the universe I want to be the feather floating on its winds.

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