Holiday Season Wishlist for the Grinch

Posted by Sugar Cyanide on December 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM

So many of you know I am just not a big fan of the December Holiday Season. I am definitely a big Grinch this time of the year. I love giving gifts to my friends JUST because I don't like giving gifts because I feel obligated. However if this time of year is your thing and you really get into the season and want to get your favorite Grinch something... Here is a list of my Needs/ Wants.  These are in No Particular Order.


  • Mortar and Pestle- I don't have one and never have. I would really like one to make Magical Chalk, Cascarilla, etc, etc  


    Home & Garden Sell 3 for about $12 + shipping

 This Granite one is about $25 + Shipping


  • Blender, Food processor, Hand Blender Etc. I broke my last one 7 years ago and have been making everything by hand. It sucks...

  • Alice in Wonderland/ Cheshire Cat is always a safe bet.  

Things I don't Need or Want

  1. Things that don't have a purpose or a use. I have a small place and no room for knicknaks. 
  2. Christmas Stuff, ornaments, decorations etc One year this was all I got, it was the worst year ever! 
  3. Body products or Make UP I already have a TON although I do like it ;)
  4. Jewelry Same as above I have a ton.
  5. Clothes I'm super picky and unless I am with you to try it on it probably won't fit right.


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