Oak's Gift

Posted by Sugar Cyanide on August 14, 2012 at 11:00 PM

I was sitting out on my front porch, as I have started routinely doing. Just enjoying the break in weather. The movements of my neighborhood and the cloud shapes in the sky. My way of doing a mini meditation and just communing with the life all around me.

Sometimes just sitting and being with the universe and it will begin to talk to you. You just have to sit and listen. The world around you animals and nature they all speak but it takes becoming quiet within yourself to be able to listen. For some it may take years and other may never be able to hear.

As I was just sitting observing all the motion and commotion going on around me. I heard a rustle in the Oak tree across the street. It was the sound of stems breaking and leaves falling. Technically I was really too far away to hear this sound ,about ten yards, with the cars driving past and the children playing next door. Hear it, I did and it caught my attention and as I watched this mighty oak shed a small branch of leaves like a tear falling from its face. I knew that this was meant for me.

I have discreetly been giving offerings to the nature spirits in my neighborhood for the past couple of months and now they were returning the favor. I walked over and picked up the dropped leaf and took the opportunity to pick up other previously fallen leaves and acorns. To be used for future projects.


Ruler: Sun

Type: Tree

Magickal Form: Acorn, bark, branches, trees


The Oak is connected with spells for protection and strength, fertility, money and success, and good fortune. Carry an acorn in your pocket when you go to an interview or business meeting; it will be bring you good luck. If you catch a falling Oak leaf before it hits the ground, you'll stay healthy the following year.

Carry an acorn against illnesses and pains, for immortality and youthfulness. Carrying any piece of the oak draws good luck to you (remember to ask permission and show gratitude.) The Oak trees essence helps boost energy levels and the ability to manifest our goals.

Another interesting tidbit is that the tree's roots mirror its branches and stretch as far below ground as the branches do above. A great example of "as above so below."


From Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients and A Modern Herbal

Oak Leaf and acorns on my altar. Full moon Mojo- Tarot cards (Moon & King of Pentacles), Citrine, Amethyst, Malachite (raw and carved panther), healing stone, Natural Quartz covered in red clay. Lucky $2 bills.

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