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Posted by Sugar Cyanide on August 14, 2012 at 4:15 PM

*oil painting Gail Billings Beck*

I have been going through a period of great transformation. Like many of artists, who seem to continually reinvent themselves it may seem like a drastic change. However I am in a constant state of evolution and am merely ending one cycle and starting another. Throughout my adult life I have reinvented myself several times and in each phase, I had a change in name. As my out look is growing I no longer identify as who I was. I originally chose the name Sugar Cyanide as a symbol of my duality as a performer. Sugar representing the sweet side and the classic burlesque style performance and Cyanide representing the boundary pushing alternative performance artist. I still love the name Sugar Cyanide and it is a great performance name. HOWEVER.... I no longer solely identify as a performer. Thus the name does not fit all my purposes.


When you first start performing your stage persona is a character that you put on. You get into costume, do your hair and makeup. Voila! You are a whole new person. You act different, walk different and talk different. After spending enough time as “said” character you start to become that character. Eventually the person, who you originally were, changes into the Character. Now instead of two separate identities they have merged into one.


Having been away from the stage for the last six months. I have realized in that time, that my personality has grown away from the Sugar Cyanide persona. Yet I am still Sugar. *smiles* What does this mean? This means that I will be focusing in a slightly different direction. Performing will be taking a backseat to my other projects. Which it already has but it will continue to do so. I will still performing and doing Burlesque under the name Sugar Cyanide. However Sugar Cyanide will go back to being a character that I become to perform. My personal, spiritual and non-performances outlets will become Sugar C. De Vika or S. C. De Vika (Which is the name I publish under.)


S. C. obviously is abbreviated for Sugar Cyanide. Where the De Vika is a name I have been using privately in the Pagan community for years before I became a performer. De Vika is a butchered version of Devi Ka which means Little Goddess in Sanskrit. This change though subtle will mean a couple of things. I will try to maintain a distinct division between the two. Sugar Cyanide will be strictly performance related while Sugar C. De Vika will be everything else, specifically spiritual counseling, education and Craft work.

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