Conversation in Concert: My experience with Atrek Dance

Posted by Sugar Cyanide on April 10, 2012 at 7:50 PM

This past weekend I got to fulfill one of my childhood dreams I got to dance on stage with a professional dance company. I hope sometime in the future I may do so again. I had the honor of performing with Atrek Dance company. In two shows entitled “Conversations in Concert.” My parents attended Opening Night making it the first time that they have seen me perform as an adult.


Atrek Dance Company is a Not for Profit Dance Collective dedicated to the development of local contemporary modern dance programs. Conversations in Concert was a show based on the feminine experience. What it means to be a Mother, Sister, Mentor, Friend. Atrek was looking for women to represents the diversity of women. As Diana Barrios (Director) stated, she didn't feel she could accurately represent all womanhood with only a group of 20 something dancers. She wanted to bring in people from different backgrounds and experiences to complete the concept.


I wanted to push myself and try new experiences. This was a new experience for me to take a step back. To follow and not lead, to not be in control. I found it completely unnerving and had to face many of my insecurities. I took the opportunity to step outside my normal comfort zone, into a place where I wouldn’t be as good as everyone else. Where I even though I was well known and had more at stake if I publicly failed or made a fool of myself. I knew that I had to take that chance that this was an opportunity to grow as a person and as an artist. Growing is an uncomfortable thing. If it is not then it is not growth. Grow I did and I am forever thankful for the ladies of Atrek for allowing me to have that opportunity.


Being a part of this show was very important to me for several reasons. One of the many is that I could represent a plus size women in a field that being plus size is detrimental. I have been on stages all over the Midwest dancing in my knickers. Being plus size I had overcome the not just the usual roadblocks that every performer has faced but the additional hurdles that come with being plus sized. So while many women in the show represented Mothers, Daughters and Wives. I stood there for Plus Size Women Everywhere!

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