Thursday Confetti- Guilty Pleasures

Posted by Sugar Cyanide on March 15, 2012 at 10:15 PM

I was thinking about guilty pleasures as of late and how you can learn something from peoples personalities by their guilty pleasure. A little nugget that you may never have thought of before. So today I am going to share with you my top 10 guilty pleasures. Guilty pleasures should be somthing that you may be embarresed about, or simply may seem unflattering. These are mine from least to worest. 


1. Caffeine: Besides cheese, I will never give up caffeine. I have joked in the past about having a caffeine IV. There is no way I could get half the stuff done I do everyday with out it.  I seriously consume excessive amounts of it. 

2. Meat: I could never be a vegeterian. I always wanted to be and agree with many of the reason a person should become one. However I just can't do it. My body needs meat. If I don't get enough protein my body gets very very cranky. For me Meat is Good. 

3. Sleep: I prefer to sleep during the day. My optimal wake up time is 12pm. If I have free time my favorite thing to do is take a nap. Or to lay in bed and cuddle with my cats (please see #6). When left to my own devices I sleep an ungodly amount.  

4. Halloween/ Witch-y/ Skulls: I love anything Halloween related. Most especially , Skulls, Voodoo Dolls, and Witches. It can be anything from cheesy bordering on almost lame, to classical and elegant. Rocky and I will be having a Halloween Wedding. *Blows Raspberries*  

5.  Crime Drama TV shows: I really like Mysteries. From classic mysteries like Master Piece Theatre’s Rebbecca to the simple Who dun It? of the Alphabet soup shows like NCIS, CSI, CSINY. For a long time because of shows like “Perry Mason” and “Matlock”. I wanted to be a lawyer. Now I want to be more like Angela Lansbury in “Murder She Wrote.”

6. Cats and cat stuff:I love cats in the that I am going to grow up to being a crazy cat lady type way. Not just cats themselves but anything cat related. From Catwoman to Emily the Strange, I am flat out obsessed. It really not healthy and I really don’t care. Yes even though the Hallie Berry Catwoman movie was BAD. I still liked it. Yes I feel Catwoman hasn’t been done true justice since Julie Newmar.  

7. Lingerie: This one shouldn’t really be a surprise. I am a burlesque performer. I refuse, REFUSE! To buy boring undies. I don’t own plain Cotton white briefs. Everything I own is lace, satin, or has some kind of design on it. On the outside I may be in sweats and a T-shirt, but I have sexy panties on. I don’t own any other kind.  

8. “Scary Cheese”- My nickname for paranormal romance, urban fantasy, horror comedy. I love trashy romance novels but even better are trashy romance novels that deal with vampires, werewolves, etc, etc. Hell it doesn’t even have to be romance. Magical powers, Violence, Sex. Yes, Please. Hint: I’m a Huge Laural K Hamilton Fan.

9. Cloves Cigarettes: The smell, The taste, ... Divine! They are like a portable hookah. I can take one out have a moment just to myself and they are pure SIN. They are worse for you then regular cigarettes and with all my health problems I really shouldn’t be adding to them. In my defense I smoke them periodically and not everyday. When I do start to smoke them too often they lose their taste and I stop. If I can’t taste them whats the point?  

10. Reality TV: I am gonna get a lot of groans on this one. Though this is guilty pleasures. I like the artistic shows, Hair, Make up, Tattoos, Fashion design and Creature building. Most of which are on Scyfy or Bravo. I also like some of the less appealing shows like “House Wives” and gasp “Kardashians.” PS I particularly like Khloe. I watch these for several reasons. I mine them for inspiration and in the more vapid shows the make me feel good about myself. They also can be mind numbing after a long day.

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