Spiritual Tuesday and My personal Mission

Posted by Sugar Cyanide on March 13, 2012 at 8:20 PM

Several years ago when I left my day job. I took a leap of faith. I felt called to perform, write and create. Not just for the sake of art, but as a spiritual mission. I knew that the Goddess and the God had a plan for me and that by taking this harder less known path, of becoming self -employed and making art and my spirituality my career. That I would be following the steps and getting closer to that plan. I love Burlesque and the stage but I do not perform for the sake of performing. I perform in the name of the Goddess and the God.


I have been openly Pagan since the dawn of my career. This has been a very important factor, because there are very few publicly known and open Pagans. There is still a lot of fear and discrimination about Paganism. It can be down right scary to be Pagan and in the limelight. I have been blessed and have only received positive responses so far, but I know at some point this will change.


My mission is for people to start seeing and understanding Paganism. For Pagans, to no longer fear being public about their faith. To show the public that Paganism is not to be feared. That we our humans who wanted to be loved, like everyone else.


I have been going through a spiritual journey as I share this message much like the Fool in Tarot.

I have learned in life that we repeat the Fool’s Journey several times. That each time we reach success, the more times we have traveled the path of the Fool. Its okay to be the Fool because only through failure can we learn. In learning we can become greater.

The Fool's Journey in Tarot

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