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I am putting the daily blogs on hold for this week. I have a Big show this weekend and several gigs this week. I am simply working too much to do the the daily blogs at the moment. Have no fear I shall return. LOVE YOU!

Spiritual Tuesday- Bast

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Some of you may know that I am a dedicant to Bast, The Egyptian Goddess of Cats. I use this term because I have dedicated my life to her. This is a title I have given myself and I will claim no other in this regard. I have named my production company, after her and my relationship with her, Daughter of Bast. Bast is a very active Goddess and has called many to her. She has many faces her warrior side Sekmet and her softer side Hathor. Like the cats that represent her, Bast can be very mysterious, but with patience, a lot of listening and an open mind. She will reveal to you Life’s secrets.


Bast in her normal form is a mother goddess, however she has aspects of a fertility goddess and warrior goddess. The first fertility parades were in her honor and in fact the term “float” has its origins in the fertility festival where Egyptians would float barges down the Nile. This festival would last weeks long and would end in Bubastis the capital city of Bast’s worship. In her warrior form she can become filled with a bloodthirsty rage. The legends say that Ra turned the Nile red with beer and pomegranate juice and told Sekmet that it was blood so she drank of it and passed out to keep her from wiping out the whole human race.


This is my Goddess. This is the woman I call on everyday. This is my mother, my advisor. I have a very strong personal relationship with her. My every moment is guided by her.

Inspiration Monday

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I'm a little out of Inspiration today. SO this is what Google found me. ALL HAIL GOOGLE!


Finding Inspiration

I’m always fascinated by where folks find inspiration for their writing and other creative works – especially poets, artists, musicians and writers of novels.
Since Everyday Gyaan is about finding inspiration in everyday life, most often I write as things strike me. Sometimes, I’ll save an idea, a thought, a picture, a quote, a song, a poem in a folder on my computer.  Read More...

Fashion Friday- Spanish Rose Skirt

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This skirt on Sale for $30 (while supplies last.)




Winter Lights Clothing has lots of adorable handmade skirts and tops. At the moment I am particular drooling over this Spanish inspired piece. I have selected to showcase them first because I have personal experience with them that has been nothing but wonderful. Winter Lights’ sizes typically range from 14-24(US) but she takes commissions in all sizes.

Last Thursday's Confetti

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1. I have 2 pictures of Bast, 9 Skulls, and 2 Dragons in my living room.

2. When I was 8yrs old I wanted to be a Prima Ballerina.

3. I spent my 13th Birthday in New Orleans. Blowing off Fireworks in my Auntie’s backyard.

4. The week before my birthday my cousin put an alligator in my Auntie’s pool for a commercial.

5. Everytime I read Anne Rice I get homesick for NOLA

6. I am named after my Uncle. He was the family favorite.

7. I have a cousin with the same name for the same reason.

8. When I was 13 I wanted to be a corporate attorney. I even toured a Law Firm.

9. I will do 10x as much work just so I don’t have to do dishes.

10. I had a Princess Pink and white bedroom when I was a kid, complete with canopy bed.

11. I spent 5 years of my adult life not owning any black clothing.

12. I had a baby doll named Sally that I took everywhere.

13. When I was 7, I came home to the dog slaughtering Baby Sally.

14. I was a competitive Martial Artist in Middle School.

15. I studied Kempo and was learning Kickboxing.

16. I have secretly always wanted to run a marathon.

17. I would rather do dishes then run.

18. I really am allergic to the sun and break out in hives from too much exposure.

19. I prefer lilies to roses and orchids most of all.

20. I always wanted a garden.

21. I hate yard work.

22. I wouldn’t mind living in the country if I didn’t have to commute anywhere.

23. I would rather sit and read a book then go out and party.

24. I was obsessed with everything French well into College.

25. I care more about TODAY, then what may happen in the future.

What is Burlesque?

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*Last Wednesday's the 21st Burlesque Post*

For the most part the word has gotten out. Many people are at least familiar with the word burlesque, however they are not really sure what it means. Typically when one hears the word burlesque, they envision a Grande Dame in silk stockings covered in feathers and sequins. This is not far off from an aspect of burlesques, however when something has been around for nearly two hundred years or so it is bound to change. Originally burlesque was an earthy satire which is polite terms for vulgar mocking of conventional society at large, similar to “Saturday Night Live”. It wasn’t till the early 20th Century that burlesque became more about the Strip-tease acts and less about the comedy variety show.


Typically one will see two different terms Burlesque and Neo-Burlesque. Generally Burlesque is reserved for anything before the 1990’s while Neo- Burlesque is for everything from then to present. One of biggest differences between the two is music. Traditional Burlesque will use jazz, big band, and cabaret music from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Versus Neo-burlesque will use modern pop, or rock music.




Now burlesque is such a diverse term itself that a single performer will do acts from several different genres, incorporating everything from Belly dance and Ballet to Pole and Fire. 




Cross Posted to St. Louis Burlesque Examiner  May 2010

Tuesday Spirituality Ostara

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Ostara Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

The word Ostara is one of the many names for the Spring Holiday celebrated in March 21st. The origin of the word is Eostre, a Germanic Goddess of Spring. One popular legend of Estore is attributed to be the origin of many of the customs for the spring holiday. In the Legend Estore finds a wounded bird, on the ground in late winter. To save its life, she transforms it into a hare. However, the the hare was still a bird at heart and retained the ability to lay eggs. The hare would then decorate these eggs and leave them as gifts to Estora for saving its life.



For many Pagans this a time of renewal. A time to “plant the seed” of new projects or new beginnings. It is a time of rebirth, so take some time to celebrate the new life that surrounds you in nature. There are many little ways you can celebrate this holiday. Take the time to smell the roses, go for a walk in the park, lay in the grass and stare up into the sky, plant a garden or simply some flowers. As you do these things, observe the world around you. Meditate on how spring is bursting from its winter shell. Consider the Wheel of The Year and celebrate the changing seasons.

Ostara Comments
~Magickal Graphics~

Fashion Friday- Cyanide Obsession 06/2010

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ABC and Fox Banned Plus Size Lingerie Commercial

Fox and ABC banned a Lane Bryant lingerie ad because it showed to much "skin"! This ad being very similar to Victoria's Secret style of commercial, who networks exec's don't seem to have a problem with. Is it a problem of too much "skin" or too much "flesh"?


  NY Post Article Banned-ad model: ABC is big bust:

This is the face and bod that launched a plus-sized bra-haha.

Brooklyn model Ashley Graham said she was shocked to learn ABC couldn’t handle the beautiful bust she flaunted in a Lane Bryant ad the network said was too hot for TV.

“I was very surprised,” the size-16 stunner told The Post yesterday.

“The first thing I thought of was Victoria’s Secret commercials, and how they’re just as racy, if not more racy, than Lane Bryant.

“[The models are] just a lot smaller than what I am,” said the Nebraska native, a 38D.



Read more

CNN Discussing the story.

An Interview with the model

The Full Add

Orginaly posted in Cyanide Obession June 2010

Thursday Confetti- Guilty Pleasures

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I was thinking about guilty pleasures as of late and how you can learn something from peoples personalities by their guilty pleasure. A little nugget that you may never have thought of before. So today I am going to share with you my top 10 guilty pleasures. Guilty pleasures should be somthing that you may be embarresed about, or simply may seem unflattering. These are mine from least to worest. 


1. Caffeine: Besides cheese, I will never give up caffeine. I have joked in the past about having a caffeine IV. There is no way I could get half the stuff done I do everyday with out it.  I seriously consume excessive amounts of it. 

2. Meat: I could never be a vegeterian. I always wanted to be and agree with many of the reason a person should become one. However I just can't do it. My body needs meat. If I don't get enough protein my body gets very very cranky. For me Meat is Good. 

3. Sleep: I prefer to sleep during the day. My optimal wake up time is 12pm. If I have free time my favorite thing to do is take a nap. Or to lay in bed and cuddle with my cats (please see #6). When left to my own devices I sleep an ungodly amount.  

4. Halloween/ Witch-y/ Skulls: I love anything Halloween related. Most especially , Skulls, Voodoo Dolls, and Witches. It can be anything from cheesy bordering on almost lame, to classical and elegant. Rocky and I will be having a Halloween Wedding. *Blows Raspberries*  

5.  Crime Drama TV shows: I really like Mysteries. From classic mysteries like Master Piece Theatre’s Rebbecca to the simple Who dun It? of the Alphabet soup shows like NCIS, CSI, CSINY. For a long time because of shows like “Perry Mason” and “Matlock”. I wanted to be a lawyer. Now I want to be more like Angela Lansbury in “Murder She Wrote.”

6. Cats and cat stuff:I love cats in the that I am going to grow up to being a crazy cat lady type way. Not just cats themselves but anything cat related. From Catwoman to Emily the Strange, I am flat out obsessed. It really not healthy and I really don’t care. Yes even though the Hallie Berry Catwoman movie was BAD. I still liked it. Yes I feel Catwoman hasn’t been done true justice since Julie Newmar.  

7. Lingerie: This one shouldn’t really be a surprise. I am a burlesque performer. I refuse, REFUSE! To buy boring undies. I don’t own plain Cotton white briefs. Everything I own is lace, satin, or has some kind of design on it. On the outside I may be in sweats and a T-shirt, but I have sexy panties on. I don’t own any other kind.  

8. “Scary Cheese”- My nickname for paranormal romance, urban fantasy, horror comedy. I love trashy romance novels but even better are trashy romance novels that deal with vampires, werewolves, etc, etc. Hell it doesn’t even have to be romance. Magical powers, Violence, Sex. Yes, Please. Hint: I’m a Huge Laural K Hamilton Fan.

9. Cloves Cigarettes: The smell, The taste, ... Divine! They are like a portable hookah. I can take one out have a moment just to myself and they are pure SIN. They are worse for you then regular cigarettes and with all my health problems I really shouldn’t be adding to them. In my defense I smoke them periodically and not everyday. When I do start to smoke them too often they lose their taste and I stop. If I can’t taste them whats the point?  

10. Reality TV: I am gonna get a lot of groans on this one. Though this is guilty pleasures. I like the artistic shows, Hair, Make up, Tattoos, Fashion design and Creature building. Most of which are on Scyfy or Bravo. I also like some of the less appealing shows like “House Wives” and gasp “Kardashians.” PS I particularly like Khloe. I watch these for several reasons. I mine them for inspiration and in the more vapid shows the make me feel good about myself. They also can be mind numbing after a long day.

The Tease of St. Louis Burlesque

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Not since the days of Gas Light Square in the 1950’s and 60’s has St. Louis Burlesque had such a following. In this quiet, conservative city where most of the “gentlemen’s clubs” actual reside across the river in East St. Louis, IL the Tease of Burlesque (Stripping’s older, classier sister) is welcome on this side of the river. It may seem like an unimportant distinction, but in the minds of the local St. Louis residents it means all the difference in the world.



Though Burlesque is having a revival all over the world with international festivals popping up every year, thanks in part to Dita Von Teese and other international performers; the talent in St. Louis is a powder keg just waiting to explode. Having no big entertainment outlet like some of the larger cities many of St. Louis Performers must work harder and have more drive just to get their names out there.



The performers in St. Louis have started to make a distinction for themselves; they are not merely Hootchie Cootchie dancers but performance artists whose acts have more in common with circus troupes then their modern day sister. Many performers have an auxiliary talent, be it fire performing, trapeze, or acrobatics to name a few, all while perfecting the art of the tease and removing their clothing with ease. These fabulously talented ladies are all but a one woman circus show. When they combine their talents and come together in a variety show the audiences members are left awe inspired.



In St. Louis you can see burlesque being performed with everything from art shows and rock concerts to outdoor open air festivals. Though burlesque is starting to be widely accepted and is becoming the thing to do for young couples and ladies night out. It is still a controversial subject matter that stirs many a debate including a Liberal Arts College stopping a recent performance during one of its student run events.


Though burlesque has a long history in St. Louis dating back to the turn of the last century, it is constantly evolving. The Neo-Burlesque movement is putting its own mark on the term burlesque. What was once considered the low brow dancing girls of Vaudeville which became high class acts of Gypsy Rose Lee that competed with Ziegfeld is now as distinct and unique as each of the performers. Every type of woman from just about every genre is represented. There is literally something for every one.




Orginally written in May 2010 Cross posted to St. Louis Burlesque Examiner