Autographed Copy of Faces of the Goddess

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To celebrate both Rocky and I being published in the Luck Issue of Faces of the Goddess. We are giving away an autographed copy.  I have set up a rafflecopter account for this giveaway so the winner will be chosen at random. You must like the Sugar, Rcoky's Art Page and the Faces of the Goddess page all other entries are optional and will alow yout to entered more times.

STARTS at 10pm goes till 2-14-2013

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I love wrapping and decorating presents, sometimes to me the act of wrapping can be silly or speacil. I like to use found items or reuse items I have had for wrapping getting creative in the process.  Loki and Fyrbyrd are getting married this weekend and having gave them their preseant last night, I thought I would share the silly wrapping that I did for them. All of the brides maids have been meeting up every Monday for the last 2 months to help prepare for the wedding. It is a FOUR DAY EVENT lol, anyhoo one of the many jokes that got tossed around while crafting for the wedding was if it is messed up cover it in glitter and no one will notice.  This joke stems from my being a burlesque performer and not knowing how to sew that well. So it was with this thought in mind while I was thinking of a way to wrap their gift.  

It all started with this bundle of leaves. 

I wrapped them together and then dried them out.  Once Dry I spray painted them with silver metilac spray paint, their colors are black , silver and blue.   One that was done I went to town with glitter, feather and glue.   

This definietly their most uniquely wrapped wedding gift. Oh and I gave them dishes so I had to make the outside fun or at least weird. 

Website update and more Jewelry

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I setup up the webstore on as well as the testimonial page. These are features I haven't used on this site yet so it will be interesting to see how they work. I am moving into more of an online business sort of direction. I am not sure how serious it will get. I don't want to put any parameters on it. I will simply make and sell things as I please or not. I am starting very slowly with this. All of the things that I forced myself to go slow with turned out well, so while it is against my nature to move slowly I am going to try to keep that in mind.

Labradorite and Hematite: Aids the intuition and helps reduce anxiety and stress $35

Kyanite wire wrapped pendant *not wrapped by me* Hematite and Moss agate. The necklace of Balance. the Kyanite balance the chakras while the moss agate balances emotions and the sense of SELF with gentle grounding of the hematite. $35

Patience: Onyx and Jasper the twin effects of Jasper and Onyx help ground and calm the wearer. With this necklace you will have the patience of a Saint. $30

For more pictures of these necklaces please visit here


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Kokopelli: Earth and fertility. Moss Agate, Unikite and Mixed gemstones. With its mixture of polished and unpolished gemstones brings a raw earthy-ness that will bring fertility in your life with the wildness of nature. $40

La Sirene: The pendant being the sigil for Agwe. A water spirit and protector of the sea. Mother of Pearl, Quartz, Cowrie Shell and Lapis Lazuli. This necklace sings the song of the ocean. *I personal dreamed of the Ocean after making this necklace* $40

Other necklace

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19" beaded necklace made with Magnetic Hematite and Hairpipe. Extendable clasp. $20 *Hairpipe was thrift-ed I do not know the origins of the hairpipe, Hairpipe is made from antlers or bone*

Tuesday May 24th

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There was so much I wanted to accomplish today, but it just didn't happen. Yesterday my wrist started to hurt and I lost feeling in my right pinky finger.I think part of it is carpel tunnel trying to find me. I had Rocky dig out my cushie wrist guard. Though my whole right side from shoulder to wrist is jammed up. I was in several car accidents and that side repeatedly took the brunt of the damage. Now when I get stressed all the tension goes strait to that damaged muscle tissue and my whole right side knots up. SO face it to say I didn't get any writing done. I haven't done any real writing for a while now. I wanted to write tonight but it just wasn't happening with my wrist and shoulder. Since my Muse wanted to come out and play I made jewelry instead. I actually made two necklaces tonight and Rocky took photos of the first and it sold with only being up for about 20 mins. YAY! The other one I just finished and well Rocky is passed out so maybe I will post pics of it later.  Anyway it was lovely to work on something just for fun.

Monster of an Update

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OH dear! Oh MY! I have been neglecting you… I haven’t done real update since before May. Can you please forgive me? I never even shared my Portland trip with you… Well I will need to do something about that. I will start at what is going on now and work my way backwards. It is easier to remember everything that is going on that way. I have TWO Shows coming up that I am producing. Literary Nudes which is an acting/art modeling event. The premiere show is Shakespeare. The performers will do either a recitation or a dramatic reading and then they will strike a pose as said character. Each month will have a different literary theme. September is William Blake and October will be Edgar Allen Poe. The Show will be on the 3rd Sunday of every month. The Big Strip is a comedy burlesque game show. This show takes everyone’s favorite party games and turns them all into stripping games. So come out and watch or participate as I find new and inventive ways to get these Burlesque Ladies out of their clothes. If any of you out there want to participate in any of these events let me know. I am always looking for new people and I have opens for all skill levels of performance. As long as you are comfortable showing some skin. >:) Eventually I will have something that one doesn’t need to be in their skivvies for, however I rather like prancing around in my panties in public. I recently just got a swank new gig! I just found out yesterday, I don’t think it would be wise to share a lot of details just yet because I am not sure what the privacy policy is just yet. However, it pays well, it is acting, and I am sure to make a lot of good connections! A couple of weeks ago I joined a Fashion Modeling and Photography Marketing company as a Make Up Artist. House of Style, they do these High Fashion Shoots all over the US. So now anytime they are in town or anytime I am out of town and they are doing a shoot they want me to come work for them. They also want me to write a make up article on what I did for their up coming Magazine. When I was there I was feeling a little out of my comfort zone. I hadn’t done any High Fashion Make up in a Long Long time. It is like riding a bike it comes back to you, but only after you fall over a couple of times. Hit you shin on the pedals and run over your own toes.:) I am also now a permanent fixture on Webster’s Pagan Metal Show, on Monday nights with Brian and Justin 10pm to 12am. We play music and goof off, we sometimes talk about serious stuff, but we are there to have fun. We are also bringing in different local celebrities to mix things up a bit. to Listen in go to . We currently are only doing live airings, but are working on doing recordings for podcasts and such. Rocky and I have moved into a smaller place in the beginning of July, to lower our monthly overhead, to not have roommates EVER AGAIN, and to start the process of moving out of state. I don’t know when that will happen but that is the direction we are headed. We are mostly settled in and the new place is starting to feel like home. We got Set neutered week before last he is doing well and has maintained his personality. Anubis is next and he is going out of his mind right now, I guess since we got Set taken care of he had to step in to fill the void as obnoxious cat. Fishie is happily back in it’s ten gallon taken after spending two weeks in the 1 gallon Beta tank. Fishie was quiet miserable in the smaller tank since it is a little bigger then the palm of my hand. Fishie is the last remaining goldfish and it is hardy for it’s 3 other companions have all died off. I am think we should get an allege eater fish next; the skull in the tank is turning green. This is a necklace I made recently with Tiger's Eye chips and Hematite the center piece is a chunk of lava Amy K gave me. I am not sure what it is. I also recently had two back to back show on the same night. I was booked for the Moxie and Fiona's little Big show when one of the girls had to back out about a week in advance. Then that night Gabriel called me up saying that his dancers canceled out. So I left one show to go to the next. Rocky was cranky but when it rains it pours and I will not turn down a paying gig, unless it really goes against everything I believe in. I was really touched to be asked to do the Moxie and Fiona show. Some of these Ladies I had not shared a stage with in over a year. I wish I could have gotten to spend a little more time with them catching up. Note to self set up a girls nite. This shot was taken by Matt at Gab's show, hence the blow up doll in the background. The very first Picture and and the next two were from the show I did on July 3rd. Yvonne the Voodoo Queen was hosting a big music festival at Club 111. Angel Saint-Marie and I did burlesque and Ami Amore and her troupe came out for Belly Dance. Angel set up her massage table and was giving massages to every one. It was a Monster of a show that started at 1pm and went through to 3am. I was on no sleep from the night before so I kept having to apologize to people for being cranky. Stu Modifies was performing with his band and he ended up ripping out a staple on stage and getting blood everywhere. So the belly dancer who perform barefoot couldn't be on the stage because there really was no way to make sure it was hygienic after that and I cut the floor choreography out of my routine just to be safe. This Shot is from Pagan Picnic taken by Justin with his Holga an almost antique camera that only does black and white film for his Photography class at Webster. I only performed twice in June because I was getting ready to move and with everything else going on I didn't want to taken on too much. The other show was with again Ami Amore at Amy K's art show at the Archive. Which I don't know where the pictures from that show went. :( Also in June I did the Life of Timon for SHAKE 38. It was a hot sweaty and fun day and has made me want to get into theatre. Which is what I have been working on recently. >:) On our trip to Portland to meet Rocky's mom we found the Garden of Eden I swear the beauty there is gorgeous. There were lush green forests, ocean beaches and adorable beach towns and of Course Rocky's Mum, I was sad to leave..