About Sugar



Enticing and entrancing, Sugar, casts an enchantment with every sway of her hip. Sugar Cyanide is a sizzling femme fatale born of the flames of magic and mystery.

Bewitching her way across the US. with her sultry fire performances, titillating burlesque routines and breath taking performance art pieces.  Sugar can go from vixen to ingenue with in a blink of an eye, the ultimate character performer, taking her audiences on an odyssey thru Myth and fantasy.

In addition to her performances, Sugar has a growing reputation as a down to earth soul and no holds barred Tarot reader. Delivering hard answers to the tough questions for those who really want to know the unknown..

She is a devotee to Bast.   As such, she has many of her writings about the intimacy of their relationship published in books and magazines such as: Faces of the Goddess, Mystic Way, and Witches Hour Magazine.



Sugar offers a wide variety of performances to suit your entertainment needs.  

* 1 woman 30 min show with fire, non-fire flow arts, burlesque or dance.

* Single performance art routines using fire, burlesque, dance or side-show.

* Emcee- Have Sugar host your events. She will keep you laughing and on your toes with her snarky wit.

* Teaching- Sugar offers a variety of workshops on performance, spirituality and tarot.  


*Don't see what you are looking for? Ask!  


For booking please email thesugarcyanide (at) gmail (dot) com